Mac Pro Flightcase

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dimension720 x 320 x 600 mm
Lightweight, indestructible and watertight resin case, with interior designed to house the brand new Mac Pro. It features wheels and handle, which allow it to be transported like a trolley. The case has been designed to house: Mac Pro Power cord USB-C to Lightning Cable Magic Mouse 2 Magic Keyboard and has an additional compartment in case of further equipment. The internal foam allows you to carry the Mac Pro and its accessories in total safety, preventing impacts. The Vector Panel increases the protection of the stored equipment and allows a quick and easy organization of space.
Mer information
Inre dimensioner 720 x 320 x 600 mm
Yttre dimensioner 760 x 380 x 649 mm
Storlek X-Large
Lockets höjd 60 mm
Bas höjd 550 mm
Hjul 2 wheels
IP-Grade IP67
Användningar IT-Equipment, Apple
Vikt 10.000000
Väskalternativ Custom Foam
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